Many of our readers may know us in real life, but we've chosen to use pseudonyms on this website and the dirtanddiapers public social media pages. Not that any of you lovelies would be stalkers or anything...



You can call me Daisy. I'm a mama of two boys (3 year old, Poptart and under 1 year old, Peanut Butter) or more depending on if we currently have fosters, PhD dropout, hot mess housewife, wanna-be homemaker, and funny farm manager.

My husband and I live on a small piece of land in south Texas. I'd love to say we live on a ranch, but I mainly just collect animals we have to pay to feed, and there is not much "ranching" going on. Our current characters include: 6 goats, 5 chickens, 4 horses, 3 cats, 2 dogs, and a partridge in a pear treeeee... I mean, 1 donkey and a mini horse.



You can call me Rose. I'm a mama of two boys, my Tasmanian devil is three (I will call him Taz), and my dumpling baby is 3 months (I will call him Ragnar. That is what my husband legitimately wanted to name him because he has a weird thing for vikings). My husband and I have been married going on six years and we're high-school sweethearts (aw so cute, I know). Before I was a stay at home mom I was a speech therapist.

I'm an introvert, I cook/bake to relieve stress and have an amazing mom and grandmother who constantly help me keep my sanity. My house is always a mess, full of dirt, diapers, laughter, and BOYS. I'm here in solidarity for you parents raising "spirited" children (read: feral).